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L’Eggo With Eggo

Whether it’s a morning meltdown or your kid decides to ‘cook’ a 5-course meal before eight AM, mornings are hard.

And although Eggo waffles can’t control your tiny chef’s shift schedule, they can provide a quick, toasted, and delicious win when you need it most.

L'Eggo With Eggoand get your wins where you can.

Owl made of Eggo Waffles

Win Breakfast

It’s hard to have a tantrum in front of a Waffle Owl. Try our quick, ‘eat-em up, no‑complaining recipes.

Waffle Owl Recipe
Eggo Homestyle Waffles Package

A Freezer Full of Wins

Stock up on the breakfast everyone loves, you never know when your tiny chef will make an appearance.

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Points & Rewards for the Win

Swag for your tiny chef, savings for you.

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